This 1/4 scale Caminez 4-cylinder radial aircraft engine was designed and built by Wally Warner of Michigan. The full-size engine was developed and patented by Harold Caminez in the mid 20’s. The early engines were advertised as producing 150 hp at 1200 rpm, however by the time the engine was awarded the Engine Approved Certificate in June 1928, it was rated at 120 hp at 960 rpm. Boeing built two Model 81 trainers to use the Caminez engine and the first one flew in March of 1928.

Apparently, the engine simply didn’t stand up in an operational environment and other manufacturers dropped the Caminez as an option for their aircraft. One report states the engine vibrated excessively and future plans to market the engine were abandoned in 1929. Wally Warner started this model project in 1982 and finally found the opportunity to finish it in 2007. The engine is 10″-long, 8″-wide, 9″-high, and weighs 7 lbs. 5 oz.

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