This 1/4 scale Anzani 3-cylinder radial aircraft engine was designed by Les Chenery, of England, and built by Roger Butzen, of California, in 1995. The scale model runs on gasoline with spark ignition and pressurized lubrication system. The cylinders are spaced 120° apart, thus creating a radial configuration. Engine drawings and castings for the crankcase, cylinders and carburetor were provided by Les Chenery. The engine is 15”-long, 23”-wide, 12”-high, and weighs 14 lbs. 2 oz.

In the early 1900’s, Italian-born Alessandro Anzani began building engines in France. his first success was a 2-cylinder motorcycle engine that established a world speed record in 1905. A few years later, Anzani turned to making an aeroplane engine.

Anzani tried various designs, and then, in 1910 he simply added a third cylinder to his twin cylinder, air-cooled motorcycle engine. he did this by arranging the cylinders first in a fan shape (model engine also on display) and later in radial form. In this way he eliminated the radiator and all water-cooling apparatus, reducing engine weight significantly.

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