David Kucer and his son, Xavier carry on the fine tradition of building miniature arms. This 1/3 scale miniature represents a groundbreaking design by the “Volcanic Repeating Arms Company.” In 1852, they produced the first repeating pistol with self-contained cartridges. It was a big advance over the cap and ball black powder pistols of the time. The designers eventually sold the company to their largest investor, Winchester who used the lever cocking action in his rifles. The designers, Smith & Wesson went on to form another successful company under their own names. Mr. Kucer’s miniature is accurate in every way, down to the types of metal and heat-treating processes used for the full-size pistol. The gun is capable of firing a miniature round if one were made; however, that would likely ruin its value as a collectible. Cleaning a gun this small would require the expertise of the craftsman who built it.

David Kucer was also selected as the Joe Martin Foundation’s Craftsman of the Year for 2006.

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