Below you can view more photos of Young’s model aircraft. Click on images to enlarge.

In viewing these photos, the close-ups actually offer a better view than you might get in person, with the models in a covered display case. However, they tend to focus on one area of the model at a time. You have to see the entire plane in person to truly grasp the incredible amount of detail inside—along with the perfect panel contours, and the interlocking fits. If you are in the San Diego area, consider coming by to see these works of art in person. We feel very privileged to be able to display them for you.

1/16 Scale Cutaway F4U-D Corsair Model #1

1/16 Scale Take-Apart F4U-D Corsair Model #2

1/16 Scale P-51 Mustang Model

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Sherline is proud to confirm that Young C. Park used Sherline tools in the production of his aircraft models.

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