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The Antikythera Mechanism and Hypothetical Planetarium

Many claim that the Antikythera Mechanism was the first real analog computer. It used dials, gears, astronomy theory, and intricate handiwork to form one of mankind’s oldest and most significant machines. Tatjana built her own mechanism based on the ancient Antikythera, which drives her Hypothetical Planetarium.

Tatjana noted, “My geocentric planetarium is based on modern data of planetary motion, and is realized by conventional asymmetrical spur gear differentials, as described in engineering text books. It is similar in principle to Mr. Wright’s, but rather different in details. I do not know of any detailed description of Mr. Wright’s excellent work, so I worked this out myself. As it represents the same solar mechanism, with good approximations, the differences cannot be great. Mine has 28 gears. My planetarium, after independent use, can be resynchronized with the Antikythera Mechanism from anywhere in a very wide window of time.”

(All photos of the Athikythera Mechanism are courtesy of Jeroen van Vark.)

Harmonium—Mechanical Fourier Analysis and Synthesis

(All photos of the Harmonium are courtesy of Tim Samshuijzen.)

Cryptograph Machine

(All photos of the Cryptograph are courtesy of Tim Samshuijzen.)

Other Projects

(All photos courtesy of Tim Samshuijzen.)

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