Below you can view more photos of the Harings’ detailed miniature dollhouses. Click on images to enlarge. Additionally, for each respective model we have also included information on the many different people who contributed to these projects (aside from the Harings), and what pieces they made. All dollhouse photos are from Craig Libuse.

Miniature Dollhouses and Rooms at 1”:1’ Scale

Miniature Dollhouses at 1/4”:1’ Scale

Furniture and Decorator Items

Note: These items were made by other craftsmen, and contributed to the great detail inside of the Haring’s model houses. For those interested, there is a craftsman’s guild just for people who build miniature items like the ones seen decorating these dollhouses. You can visit the International Guild of Miniature Artisans (IGMA) website. The guild offers a school in Maine where craftsmen can learn the techniques used in making miniature objects for the dollhouse collectible market.

Cannon Models by Joe Haring

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