Miniature Tools Are Just One of Jerry’s Interests

Jerry with his 1/12 scale Browne & Sharpe mill.

Jerry displays his 1/12 scale Brown & Sharpe mill. Note the magnifying optics attached to his glasses. Some kind of magnification is needed to work on parts this small.

Among his many endeavors, Jerry likes to make models of old machine shop tools. Like his other projects, Jerry insists on working in total scale down to the smallest fastener. On a tiny dividing head, for example, the exact number of holes and the correct pattern were adhered to. Most of Jerry’s tools are built to 1/12 scale. His post drill is much smaller than you might think from just looking at the photo. He has also built a complete machine shop model with overhead belts, a calendar on the wall, and all the rest. Below you can view more photos of Jerry’s scale model machines. Click on images to enlarge.

Miniature Machine Shop Tools

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Sherline Products

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Sherline is proud to confirm that Jerry Kieffer uses Sherline tools in the production of his small projects.

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