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Craftsman/Project Submission Form

If you would like to submit a person or project for consideration for inclusion in the museum, please use the form below as a guideline.

To open a Microsoft® Word form, fill it out and return it as an e-mail attachment or a fax, CLICK HERE. You may Fax the completed form to 760-727-9492 or e-mail to You can also print out this page and use it as a guideline to simply e-mail the information we would like to have in order to get started on a new section for the museum. See the notes below about submitting photos.

Name of Submitter:______________________________


Mailing address (include country):_______________________________________________


Daytime phone:________________________

Evening/weekend phone:___________________________



Project Builder’s Name:__________________________________

Name of Project:_______________________________________

Descriptive summary of project* (See note below) Use separate sheet if more room needed:_______________________________________


Biographical information about builder** (See note below): Provide as much as you like on a separate sheet.

Present owner (Name and address):__________________________

Present location of project or projects:_______________

Price when last sold (if sold)______________ (Leave blank if never sold or put "N/A" if you do not know or do not wish to publish the price)

Appraised value (if appraised):______________________

Are plans available to build this project? Yes  No

If yes, name and address of person to contact:__________________________

Price of plans or kit:_____________

Has an article about this project ever been published? Yes  No

If yes, give name of magazine or paper:__________________


Date of issue:__________________

* Project documentation: Please provide as much detail as possible. Items of interest include when it was built, how long it took, materials used, what tools/processes were used, special problems encountered and how overcome, working features and functions, overall size (length/width/height), weight. If you are the builder, please answer the questions that most people ask you about the project.

** Builder documentation: Items of interest include the builder's training and background and his approach to a project (does he draw detailed plans or visualize each part in his head, does he have a lot of sophisticated tools or a few basic ones, how many hours a day does he work on a project, etc.). Date of birth, schooling, work experience (whether related or not related to project), goals for future projects and personal thoughts on craftsmanship are also good items to include. If details about the builder's shop and the tools used are available, please include them as well.

Photo documentation

Digital: Please provide the highest quality photos of the project possible.  Photos in electronic format are preferred (digital camera or scans). Please send in .jpg or .tif format if possible on diskette (PC), 100 MB Zip Disk (PC), CD-ROM or by e-mail to Photos should be at least 600 x800 pixels in size, 72 dpi. Larger files are OK.

Prints, negatives or transparancies: If photos are in print, negative or transparency form, please mail them to the Foundation for scanning. They will be returned after scanning if you provide a postage paid return envelope. Do not write on the front or back of photos. If notes must be attached, number each photo in the upper left-hand corner of the back in a small number using a pen like a “Sharpie” that can mark on photos without smearing. As an alternative, use a small “post-it” note attached to the back of the photo with a reference number. Attach a sheet with explanations of each photo referring to the photo number. Another good method of organization is to place each photo in a separate white envelope and write the details on the envelope.

Text files

Preferred format for all text files: Microsoft Word (PC) or e-mail (Word files can be sent as e-mail attachments.) Handwritten or typed copy is also acceptable, but electronic files are preferred as it saves retyping.

Send to or mail to: Attn: Craig Libuse, Joe Martin Foundation, 3190 Lionshead Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92010.  

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