This 3D logo proposal for the Foundation was rendered in a 3D drawing program by Industrial Designer Charlie Tomalesky...a virtual reality craftsman on the keyboard. (Click image to enlarge.)

Visiting the Different Sections of the Internet Craftsmanship Museum

Listed below are the sections in this museum. Think of each of the sections as "rooms" that are now open. As more information is contributed, new rooms will be continually added. Check back often and visit the "What's New" page for the latest additions.

Sections of the On-line Museum:




Geomagic 3D CAD Art Gallery


Model Engineering (Steam, gas, Stirling engines, model machine tools)

Model Engineering Masterpieces (Complete, running vehicles)

Model Tool Builders (Shop tools in miniature)

Model Makers (Cars, ships, airplanes, machines, dollhouse miniatures and more)

Machining as an Art Form (Jewelry, Mechanical Sculpture)

Other items on Display in Vista, CA

Pioneering Model Engine Designers/Manufacturers

Scientific Instruments and Models

Unusual Projects and Skills

Wooden Mechanical Projects

Woodworkers and Carvers

Other Sections, Projects and Programs:

About the Joe Martin Foundation

What's New? (Latest additions to the Museum)

The Joe Martin Foundation Miniature Machine Tool Collection

Search this Site (A Google site search tool)

An Alphabetical list of craftsmen represented in this site

The Joe Martin Foundation Library

About the Physical Facility (Shop, Museum and Offices)

The Paul and Paula Knapp Internal Combustion Engine Collection

The Seal Engine Group Construction Project (Completed)

The Howell V-4 Engine Group Construction Project (In progress)

Press Coverage and Articles about the Museum and its Craftsmen

Clubs and Visitors to the Vista museum

Awards presented by the Foundation

Young Artisans Scholarship Program

Union Trades

Submission Form

Links to Other Craftsmanship-Related Sites

Links to Videos of Model Engines being Run

If you have suggestions for a new section or contributions to add to an existing section, please use the submission form above or contact If you have expertise in a particular field and would like to contribute your time to act as a "curator" for a particular section, please contact us.

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