This Edwards 5-cylinder radial model aircraft engine was designed and built by Forest Edwards in the early 1980s. The engine is 12″-long, 12″-wide, 13″-high, and weighs 11 lbs. 12 oz. Forest Edwards built and flew scale-model airplanes and engineered miniature engines. He won numerous awards for his scale airplanes, engines and flying skills.

In the early 1980s, Edwards designed and developed this 5-cylinder radial engine to power his 1/4-scale Fleet model airplane, based on the 1930 Fleet Biplane. He received many requests to manufacture the engine, so between 1982 and 1994, Edwards produced 30 engines. Many were installed into model airplanes, and some are still being flown today.

The 5-cylinder radial burns regular gasoline, incorporates a dry-sump lubrication system and produces more than six horsepower. In his last few engines, Edwards added a centrifugal advance in the distributor, and a crankshaft-driven supercharger for maximum performance. Edwards’ engines are completely machined from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum and are perhaps the most reliable model radial engines built to date. (This engine differs from the #02 in that the cylinders are black on this version.)

A rear view of the Edwards 5-cylinder radial model aircraft engine.
A rear view of the Edwards 5-cylinder radial model aircraft engine.

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