Richard Dosdall Photo Gallery (Click on any image to enlarge)
Building a half scale Oliver 1655 tractor

Machining the back of the rear housing


A primed wooden pattern for casting the tractor’s grill
  A selection of finished casting patterns.

The first stages of a pattern for the axle carrier

  Boring holes for the transmission shafts through two walls

The left hand fender mount pattern

  Rich’s wife Jill poses with the tractor

Differential gears are set to proper backlash

  The full 6-speed transmission with sliding collars

Cutting the axle splines

  Transmission, differential, bull gears all in place

Differential gears

  The completed transmission and rear end with axles installed

Axle carrier and wheel hub in place

  The start of a pattern to cast the hydraulic housing

Machining the front face of the frame stretches the limits of the milling machine.

  Rear wheel assembly

Hydraulic actuating levers

  Starting to rough cut the crankshaft on the mill

Main bearings in place

  Polishing the crankshaft

Cutting the crankshaft

  Balancing the crankshaft, flywheel and clutch assembly

The finished crankshaft is laid into the block

  Cam lobes before installation on camshaft.

Engine block and head set in place on the frame

  The over/under transmission

The completed camshaft (bottom) is compared to the full-size original.

  The cylinder head is made up from two pieces.

Machining the bell housing

  The assembled cylinder head

The finished valves

  CNC Machining the outside of the valve cover.

Roughing in the inside of the valve cover, which is being machined from a solid block of aluminum.

  The finished valve cover

Another view of the finished valve cover

  Cutting the outside of the oil pan, which is CNC machined from solid stock

The finished distributor. The cap is from a 1932 Chevy

  The intake manifold castings assembled


  Dash almost finished

Timing cover

  Rear view of the tractor with one axle carrier in place

The assembled 3-point hitch latch mechanism

  Freshly painted rear fenders

The full-size and half-size battery boxes are compared

  Freshly sandblasted hood

Scratch built headlights and flashers are attached. The right rear fender has a clear floodlight that shines backwards toward the field for night work.  The left rear is a red light for road use. A switch on the dash makes the selection.

  Freshly sandblasted hood

Freshly sandblasted hood

  Roughing out the seat back from solid stock

The completed dash with working instruments

  A pop can is set on the frame as a size comparison.

The finished seat back awaiting upholstery

  Freshly painted engine and frame

Freshly painted frame and axles

  The dash with serial number tag attached

Completed seat suspension

  Rich with the nearly complete tractor. Several parts still need to be attached. Back view
  The full-size tractor can be seen in the background The finished tractor on its custom stand. The completed tractor is on jack stands so it can be run in place. Note the photo of the old Oliver factory on the wall in the upper left.
  A rear view The dash with all decals in place





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