Viewing Larger Type on the Internet

If the typeface you are viewing on the Internet is hard to read because it is two small for your eyesight, here are some ways you can enlarge it. These should work on just about any web site if you are using a PC. (Note: Some type may be in image form or part of an image rather than straight text. These methods do not change the size of images.)

1. In Windows® Explorer, go to "View>Text Size" in the top menu bar and then select any of the type size choices offered there.

2. Keyboard shortcuts:

    A. Hold down the [Ctrl] key, then press the [+] key. Each press of [+] key enlarges type. Reduce by using [Ctrl][-]

    B. Hold down the [Ctrl] key and turn the scroll wheel on your mouse. One direction enlarges type, the other decreases.

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